The Last Love Story (The Reversal of Time Series) by S.B. Santiago

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 The Last Love Story (The Reversal of Time Series) by S.B. Santiago is an interesting short novel that explores the ways in which the world quicklyfalls apart when people suddenly have modern technology they take for granted pushed off beyond their reach with little warning. A mysterious force from somewhere west of California is slowly spreading forth over the US and Canada (and for all anyone knows elsewhere in the world) that is destroying all long-distance means of communication as it comes.

Without TV, phones, and internet normal society begins to fall apart. It isn’t long  before mail stops being delivered and even newspapers are discontinued. And to make things even better, the government doesn’t really seem concerned with finding answers.

When people start to disappear, finding a reasonable answer for what is going on doesn’t even seem as important as simply getting away. Now I’m not talking something like one or two people going missing. Huge numbers of people, like the entire city of Portland are suddenly not there.

When 17 year-old Rayne suddenly finds that her parents do not return from work, it isn’t long before Lorna, a girl that used to go to school with Rayne before she moved, shows up. Lorna’s home city of Seaside was devastated by the disappearances as well, leaving her alone too. She is now traveling with a couple other young people who have watched most everyone they know get taken away. They take in Rayne and continue on their own personal search for safety.

But just how dangerous has the world become? What dangers lurk just out of sight? With ‘friends’ holding on to their own secrets, will life ever be ordinary again?


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