The Star Realm (#1 Avalon Trilogy) by Julie Elizabeth Powell

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 The Star Realm (#1 Avalon Trilogy) by  Julie Elizabeth Powell is a story that tells of how five children were transported to the lands of the afterlife to help sort out matters that could eventually lead to the destruction of our universe when an evil entity named DarkStar began to tamper with the magical creatures living in Avalon. The Star Council who look after Avalon knew that goodhearted children were needed because children are the only souls available in our world that could be counted on to believe in magic.

It seems that The Star Council are either unable, or unwilling to attempt to sort matters for themselves. Also Avalon seems to be a stopover that humans shortly go to after they have died but before they are born again. For whatever reason, instead of resembling the expected good or evil afterlife filled with once-living human souls, it is populated with good goblins, happy pixies and a good number of people who seem to despise our existence without trying to claim any connection to Earth.

I read it both before and after the last 4 or so unscheduled reviews I wrote, because although I still find myself unable to explain the whole basis for the story in a way that satisfies me, it is a book that I truly enjoyed. I suppose I have to liken the existence of Avalon to something like the existence of Narnia with its complete fairy-tale land that has some deep questionable connection to death. If you are willing to run with it, I would certainly recommend The Star Realm to read.

It basically tells of how two brothers, Dave and Ben, along with their good friends Billy, Anne and Chrissie get to have a wonderful adventure in a land that can only be a true artwork of pure imagination. Not only do they learn many things about themselves, but by the time the story’s over they have encountered memorable friends and foes who I can only hope appear again in the remainder of the trilogy.


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