Golden Mane by SJB Gilmour

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 Golden Mane by SJB Gilmour (book 1 of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick) is a fun book about a young girl learning she is a werewolf and that the world around her contains more magic than she ever would have dared to believe. This realization doesn’t only bring fun, however. She also learns that her parents whom she had been told were dead are really being held captive by the evilest of sorcerers who has plans to come after her as well.

You see, what it boils down to, is that Sarah is the rare type of werewolf called a Golden Main. This unusual type of werewolf can more easily control the magical forces than most so her potential enemies simply want to eliminate her as a threat before she’s the chance to become adept at her magical control. This is why her aunt and uncle (brown coat werewolves) have attempted to keep magical knowledge from her for as long as possible. They don’t want her probable hunters to simply pick her off when outsiders chance to notice she’s not quite human.

Although, keeping one’s very nature away from her own eyes can have it’s consequences. When standing up to a school-yard bully, Sarah finds she has begun to maul the stuck up girl before even realizing she could become a wolf. Her guardians realize the time has come where all the secrets now must come out.

Sarah is introduced to the magical world with a full load of new situations and new friends. Most importantly, she begins on the quest to save her parents. It may be a long hard road, but with the allies she now finds she has, even the dire situation appearing around her isn’t enough to make her lose her hope.

As a final note here, I just have to say I love the story of Sarah’s ‘uncle’ Benjamin. How he was born fully human, yet through bravery earned the highest werewolf gift, that of the ‘Silver Shroud’ and became a werewolf himself; one with unsurpassed fighting abilities.

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