Miracle Texas by DeAnna Knippling

November 19, 2011 at 10:35 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, , )

Miracle Texas by DeAnna Knippling is a short story reminding us that the people we try to ignore by filing away under a short label in our mind are complete actual people and deserve to be treated as such, too. When the tall young Amazon prostitute in this tale finds herself pushed away to the point where the man she has recently been with is gunning down her horse, she becomes more than a little angry.

The young Amazon, Justine, finds herself working in a clandestine valley of ‘free women’ when she meets Giles Carson, a man happy to tell her she is nothing more than a whore. It doesn’t matter to him that while he cheats on his wife it is nothing more than earning money for her; somehow, in his mind, she is  clearly the one who is doing more wrong. When Justine, in trying to understand his point of view attempts to get closer to his life; he reacts violently, and attempts to simply run away.

Giles quickly learns that when you treat badly the people you intend to keep a secret with, the truths you’d rather deny have a habit of following you. And when your ‘partner in crime’ happens to be from a clan of mystically fierce warriors, there is little intelligence in invoking that person’s wrath.


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