Summoned by Rainy Kaye

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 Summoned by Rainy Kaye is a modern-day genie tale told from the genie’s point of view. Dimitri may not live in a little lamp or have any magical powers, but he is helpless to not appear at his masters side when the man might want him and is required to fulfill whatever wish the man might have. And the happy little limit of just 3 wishes? That simply doesn’t exist.

You might ask yourself what billionaire Karl Walker can actually request of his ‘useless’ servant that can do nothing more magical than show up when called for. Well what do you expect the completly controlled, unacknowledged  worker for a shady, powerful rich guy to do without magic? That’s right, Dimitri is more or less compelled to commit any theft, murder or other criminal act Karl may fancy as a way to amass and protect his fortune.

Now, as Dimitri looks like and generally wants to be seen as a normal guy, he tries to lead a pretty non-outstanding, mostly unnoticeable type of life. Like most young people’s, such a life includes a relationship. A large part of this book centers on his encounters with a young woman named Syd. A couple of scenes with her might become quite sexually graphic, but I wouldn’t call the book erotica because the plot is not only centered towards sex. Its removal would change the style of writing, yet leave the plot unscathed.

This story about a man enslaved to commit actions he doesn’t agree with may sound dark and depressing, but I really enjoyed it. Even when Dimitri is forced on a cross-country road-trip with Walker’s psychotic daughter, I found it to be written so enticingly that I didn’t want to put it down.


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