Detachment Point by Paul Winters

October 29, 2012 at 3:08 pm (Reviews) (, , , )

 Detachment Point by Paul Winters is a quick, eerie story where someone’s death in no way ends their influence upon the world. Where a wife who sees her only option left to be raising an ax against her abusive husband (Del Kenner) once his back is turned, is unintentionally setting free his primal spirit and violent impulses to possess and take command of other people’s lives.

Taking command?

What exactly happens when a person dies? What say Del doesn’t ‘move on’ but instead sees his chance to live again trough someone else’s body?

And then, what would happen to that possessed person?

Peter Barnett is a happily married man anticipating a possible promotion at his job in a business firm. When he suddenly starts picking up the habits and attitudes of the former auto mechanic Del Kenner, Peter’s friends just get uncomfortable, not understanding why he acts and speaks so differently.

Is there any way for things to return to normal?

As useful as it may be to suddenly gain another person’s set of skills, would it be worth suddenly finding your mind latched onto a new style of behavior?


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