1 Book 10 Personalities by ten students of Action Academy, Guatemala

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 1 Book 10 Personalities [produced by  Isabella Bonifasi, Mariana Quiñones, María Teresa Chávez, Diego Chávez, Andrea Pereira, Alexia Delgado, José Javier Chávez, Sebastian Lou , Irene Delgado, Daniel Herbruger (editor), Gabriela de Lucas (editor)] is a book with an inspiring premise. These young students (ages 9-13) decided that, rather than just accept it when other people tell them that they are too young to accomplish what they may dream to, it would be more rewarding/more of a learning experience to work at and actually create what others may see only as fantasy. This endeavor resulted in 1 volume comprised of 9 short books, each written by a different person/people.

Quick impression from each story:

Everyone has their story. This is mine. by Isabella Bonifasi– A young girl who loves dancing gets the opportunity to go to a prestigious dance school, yet problems and revelations she encounters while getting there will undoubtedly change her life in ways she was never prepared for.

Dream Evolution by Mariana Quiñones– A girl who receives a camera as a gift one time discovers a passion for photography that grows until picture taking become almost as natural, and necessary to her as breathing.

Mistaken Identity by Ma. Teresa Chávez- A fun story about a group of kids who discover they are really super heroes. Perhaps it’s not the best written literature, but it kept my inner Smallville fan amused.

– (Possibly)Untitled- by Diego Chávez– A rambling account of a boy discovering the sport of swimming. Rather short, but ends with the upbeat motto of ‘Stick to your dreams’.

My dreams by Andrea Pereira– A collection of rushed adolescent fantasies that at parts lost my interest enough, I was bothered by the spacing between paragraphs when it would change with no rhyme or reason.

The Mystery Story by Alexia Delgado–  Three girls travel around the world, hunting for buried treasure. This is another story with unexplained spaces in the middle of the text.

-Untitled?- by Sebastian Lou– One day a boy named Jab goes into the jungle and makes friends with a couple lions and a cat. They have to make it through various situations together.

The boy with the squared shirt by José Javier Cháves– A boy, James, who gets expelled from every school he attends and his best friend (an orphan girl who tries to follow wherever he may go) start getting into a lot of strange situations/locations after getting to close to a man who looks like a vampire in central park.

Julie & Amber by Irene Delgado and Maria Pereira– Two school-aged girls look forward to the chance to go off on vacation together, but when it finally comes, they my have to deal with problems caused by the Bermuda Triangle.

While this is a cool idea for a book and I will applaud of their efforts and nerve at simply doing this instead of accepting it as impossible, I do have to say that all of them might benefit by presenting their own writing alone. The couple of stories I truly enjoyed felt held back and weighted down by the lesser ones that could have made me quit before ever reading what of it I did enjoy. What I saw as bad may not have seemed so tarnished if looked alone without the competition.

It’s also not often I’m too hung up on editing, but with someone proudly listed as an editor, I must ask: Did you do any editing? Each story had its own sense of spacing and layout. At times this would break up the text into pieces that would logically have fit together. Two of the stories had no title I could find yet they weren’t marked as untitled, so I’m not sure if I just missed what they were called somehow. Lastly ebooks are made to have navigation tools; even if you can’t be bothered to take the 5-10 minutes it would require to make a live table of contents, have a static listing of the different stories in the book.


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