Review Policy

As I review what I read for fun, with no real set schedule, there isn’t much of a policy.
I suppose I only want to review fiction and prose.
I’d prefer not erotica or anything overly religious.
I’m mostly a fan of sci-fi or fantasy, although I do enjoy police/P.I.-detective, lawyer books or military/spy stories. I try not to give an exact time I will post a future review but if you look at my future review list ( I try to finish at least 2 a month. That’s not set in stone, If I can do more, I will.
And if you need the review in time for an upcoming event, talk to me~
I would prefer a free e-copy (kindle[amazon coupon or .mobi], .pdf, even .doc/.docx or .txt) just something I can pick up through my computer.

Paper free book reviews!let’s say I’m being environmental, `~yeah~’

If you’re willing to chance not getting a review, you can just tell me where to buy it and I may if I like the description. (If it’s on my future review list, I WILL read it, eventually.)

After I write the review on my site, I make a more compact version for Goodreads that I copy to Amazon, Smashwords(providing I need not buy a new copy to do so), and Shelfari. Then I link the review on my blog to TwitterFacebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.
If you need it somewhere else, talk to me~
-7/13/2012 Sarah Baethge


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