The Last Love Story (The Reversal of Time Series) by S.B. Santiago

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 The Last Love Story (The Reversal of Time Series) by S.B. Santiago is an interesting short novel that explores the ways in which the world quicklyfalls apart when people suddenly have modern technology they take for granted pushed off beyond their reach with little warning. A mysterious force from somewhere west of California is slowly spreading forth over the US and Canada (and for all anyone knows elsewhere in the world) that is destroying all long-distance means of communication as it comes.

Without TV, phones, and internet normal society begins to fall apart. It isn’t long  before mail stops being delivered and even newspapers are discontinued. And to make things even better, the government doesn’t really seem concerned with finding answers.

When people start to disappear, finding a reasonable answer for what is going on doesn’t even seem as important as simply getting away. Now I’m not talking something like one or two people going missing. Huge numbers of people, like the entire city of Portland are suddenly not there.

When 17 year-old Rayne suddenly finds that her parents do not return from work, it isn’t long before Lorna, a girl that used to go to school with Rayne before she moved, shows up. Lorna’s home city of Seaside was devastated by the disappearances as well, leaving her alone too. She is now traveling with a couple other young people who have watched most everyone they know get taken away. They take in Rayne and continue on their own personal search for safety.

But just how dangerous has the world become? What dangers lurk just out of sight? With ‘friends’ holding on to their own secrets, will life ever be ordinary again?


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Wild Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari

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 Wild Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari is the sequel to New Blood that continues the story of Emma the new vampire. In this book, her werewolf roommate David is attempting to help a group of werewolves who want to establish werewolf control of New York by forcing the vampires to leave. David has no problem with Emma herself, it’s just that vampires and werewolves are supposed to hate each other.

As the story goes on, Emma learns of the personal stake her sire’s sire holds in the fight involving the invading pack’s responsibility for his late wife’s demise. In fact, the invading lupines proudly claim responsibility for clearing  the west  cost of all vampires.

Emma befriends one vampire who fled from California, but he (James) is a little weary about meeting up with the vampire leader of New York (Michael). It seems these two have a slight bit of history.

Just like  how all vampires may not get along, there could be some resentment and mistrust held by the wolves for their annoying, third person talking leader.

And, to top it all; if vampires and werewolves aren’t enough, by the end of the book there’s some strong evidence of witchcraft. If you liked the first Vampire in the City, you will probably like this one.

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Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney

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 Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney is the sequel to Loving the Rain in which the main character is blessed (or possibly cursed) with an assortment of psychic powers. Because Clay Thomas is a lonely man who blames himself for the death of his wife, his friend, psychiatrist Zander Frauss gets him to meet with Erika Payne, an office-worker who likes to help people have experiences that lead to their trusting in faith in her free time.

Zander set the two of them up together not only because he knows that Erika can probably help Clay with his grieving, but because he believes that Clay can use his powers to help Erika solve the mystery of her missing husband.

The husband’s name is Adrian Payne and Clay is quick to find out he is not a well liked man. No one was mourning when this man disappeared amid-st the chaos and confusion that  came, following a train wreck. As he was one of the owners of the train company and may have even been driving the train at the time of the wreck, people who weren’t involved find little reason to doubt he may have simply run off into hiding after the accident.

The only reason that Clay doesn’t latch onto that assumption himself is simple: more than one person close to Adrian sincerely believes that they are responsible for his death. Clay is left to try and solve the mystery even though in every direction he turns he can hear another ‘thought confession’ of someone who finds themselves responsible for Adrian’s death.

And the final problem? Clay is left with his powers allowing him to hear the voice of Adrian’s ghost. He may have been annoying without trying in real life, but as he is dead and almost no one can hear him, he has no reason not to be irritating while haunting someone.

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New Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari

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 New Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari is the story of a girl who finds that surprisingly little about her life has to change when she becomes a vampire. She is also quick to learn that several of the ‘facts’ that people always claim when sharing superstition about vampires are nothing more than happy disinformation spread by the vampires themselves to stop humans from ever attempting their extermination when learning just how strong these un-dead are.

Emma lives alone and works nights for an advertising agency in New York city. One night (or early morning) as she walks to her home in Queens she manages to stop two delinquents that look to be trying to beat an innocent man with sticks and crosses. Her walking home is never peaceful; the next day she missteps into traffic and is killed by a car!

Except she isn’t quite killed, the man she saved the night before is really a vampire who turns her to prevent her death out of gratitude. From here on we watch as Emma gets pulled into the world of vampire politics, the different actions and laws of the differing clans. For one thing, she must prove herself worthy to stand among the Queens vampires by taking specific actions against their Brooklyn rivals.

As the story goes on, Emma finds her relationships with others (sometimes necessarily) changing. As her whole world is thrown upside down, it is interesting to watch how she intends to keep her life from getting any more out of her control.

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