Vaempires: Revolution(The Evolutionary War) by Thomas Winship

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 Vaempires: Revolution(The Evolutionary War) by  Thomas Winship is a book about the future world. Hundreds of years from now, after the vampires have risen up to try taking control of society, and life on the planet has barely managed to endure through the nuclear wars that resulted, vampires and humans now live in virtual peace.

This may not seem right, but it has become a much cleaner and easier life for everyone largely in part due to the vampires use of synth-blood, the miracle elixir that can be drunk by vampires in place of human blood, makes them immune to sunlight, and allows vampire reproduction in having children like humans, and not killing anyone. It should be a grand new age for everyone on Earth, except for now there is the rise of vaempires.

A vaempire is a vampire who for some unknown reason has transformed into a hot-blooded creature and developed an insatiable appetite for the lifeblood of their cold-blooded vampire former brethren. Humans stand no chance at fighting against these super-vampires. And though scientists have tried, there has been no luck in developing a new type of synth-blood to placate these monsters who claim to have evolved beyond the nature of ordinary vampires. (it is why they insist on using the name vaempire with the “e”)

This tale in itself follows the young man-vampire Daniel in his efforts to save his girlfriend the vampire princess, Cassandra, who was readying for a grand birthday party celebration at the fabulous vampire palace in Central Park when the vaempires stage a worldwide attack that pulls all governments, human and vampire into a virtual standstill. Her former boyfriend Vielyn(a vaempire now, himself) is leading the attack directly against her and her parents.


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  1. mariathermann said,

    I think you have accurately highlighted the problem with this plot…a vampire is a vampire…a predator, not a cuddly teddy bear;the writer first de-fangs his creature, then finds it a little too tame and so, hey presto, comes up with super-vampires?

    Question is, does this add to the vampire genre we know and love? Does it give us a new perspective or open up a discussion? I don’t think so. Seems the writer has purloined a few ideas off TV shows, has taken a scrap or two off Hollywood movies, mashed it up and now hopes it will make a credible adventure. Nah! I shan’t be reading it. Thanks for your insightful review.

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