Wild Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari

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 Wild Blood- Vampire in the City by Donna Ansari is the sequel to New Blood that continues the story of Emma the new vampire. In this book, her werewolf roommate David is attempting to help a group of werewolves who want to establish werewolf control of New York by forcing the vampires to leave. David has no problem with Emma herself, it’s just that vampires and werewolves are supposed to hate each other.

As the story goes on, Emma learns of the personal stake her sire’s sire holds in the fight involving the invading pack’s responsibility for his late wife’s demise. In fact, the invading lupines proudly claim responsibility for clearing  the west  cost of all vampires.

Emma befriends one vampire who fled from California, but he (James) is a little weary about meeting up with the vampire leader of New York (Michael). It seems these two have a slight bit of history.

Just like  how all vampires may not get along, there could be some resentment and mistrust held by the wolves for their annoying, third person talking leader.

And, to top it all; if vampires and werewolves aren’t enough, by the end of the book there’s some strong evidence of witchcraft. If you liked the first Vampire in the City, you will probably like this one.


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