Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney

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 Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney is the sequel to Loving the Rain in which the main character is blessed (or possibly cursed) with an assortment of psychic powers. Because Clay Thomas is a lonely man who blames himself for the death of his wife, his friend, psychiatrist Zander Frauss gets him to meet with Erika Payne, an office-worker who likes to help people have experiences that lead to their trusting in faith in her free time.

Zander set the two of them up together not only because he knows that Erika can probably help Clay with his grieving, but because he believes that Clay can use his powers to help Erika solve the mystery of her missing husband.

The husband’s name is Adrian Payne and Clay is quick to find out he is not a well liked man. No one was mourning when this man disappeared amid-st the chaos and confusion that  came, following a train wreck. As he was one of the owners of the train company and may have even been driving the train at the time of the wreck, people who weren’t involved find little reason to doubt he may have simply run off into hiding after the accident.

The only reason that Clay doesn’t latch onto that assumption himself is simple: more than one person close to Adrian sincerely believes that they are responsible for his death. Clay is left to try and solve the mystery even though in every direction he turns he can hear another ‘thought confession’ of someone who finds themselves responsible for Adrian’s death.

And the final problem? Clay is left with his powers allowing him to hear the voice of Adrian’s ghost. He may have been annoying without trying in real life, but as he is dead and almost no one can hear him, he has no reason not to be irritating while haunting someone.



  1. Jeff LaFerney said,

    I enjoyed reading this too, Sarah. Thank you for sharing your insights. I’ll have to make sure you get a copy of my newest book too. Jeff

    • 22niel said,

      Thanks Jeff! Your newest book is Bulletproof? I have that one, just need to read it 🙂 I’ve gotten a bit behind on my schedule, but I do plan on reviewing it eventually. I’m not sure exactly when, but you can see the order of what I plan to review here:

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