Loving The Rain by Jeff LaFerney

October 8, 2012 at 10:34 am (Reviews) (, , , )

 Loving The Rain by Jeff LaFerney is the first book in a trilogy about a father and son who both have  nearly supernatural mind-powers stemming from difficult births. This book is also a story about the anger and importance that some people can’t help but put into high school athletics.  As cool as mind control power might seem, would you really want to be the one who has it?

Before you answer, let me bring up a couple of large problems addressed in this book; would you really want someone to love you if you were left forever questioning whether or not the feeling came from their own free will? Is it worth it to win a game if it only happens  because you unfairly made your opponent fail?

And if you were left to watch your best work come to nothing as good rained upon another person, might it not engender a slight amount of hatred, even if you didn’t know your opponent’s full responsibility?

That’s not to say that knowing would make it any better. Could you trust someone if you knew that any feelings of trust might just be what they want you to feel?

I like this book. The characters felt real, and the story left me thinking.



  1. sequel: Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney « Sarah's Readings said,

    […] Key by Jeff LaFerney is the sequel to Loving the Rain in which the main character is blessed (or possibly cursed) with an assortment of psychic powers. […]

  2. Jeff LaFerney said,

    Hi, Sarah. I just stumbled upon this, and I appreciate what you wrote. I was just telling someone that this book is probably my best when it comes to developing my characters and their genuine struggles. I’m glad you like it. Jeff

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