The Unwanted: The G6 Chronicles by Daniel L. Carter

October 4, 2012 at 3:33 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, , , , )

 The Unwanted: The G6 Chronicles by Daniel L. Carter is the surprisingly good mixture  of crazy, off-the-wall mad science experiments and believable, un-exaggerated faith. If, like me, you like the explanation of ‘science’ to come up with crazy fun it doesn’t seem should be possible or don’t want to be preached at when another’s belief is shown; this is a book worth checking out.

The story follows the early lifetimes of 5 children who were produced as part of an experiment in a secret genetic lab in Chicago. There were actually several of these labs, yet wanting to keep the project a secret, the company funding the project has taken to destroying the labs and killing their non-central workers in the unwanted facilities at any time when they looked to be in danger of falling under public scrutiny. As one of these laboratories is being covered up, two nurses are able to load a car with newborns and escape before they are all killed.

It also focuses on the investigation led by two FBI agents who are trying to figure out what is happening to cause the sudden seemingly-unprovoked killing of these workers. At least in Chicago it doesn’t look like infants were killed, yet investigators are simply baffled as to what the purpose of these deaths could be.

Of course, let’s not forget the great Dr. Tibon Agha here; his wonderful psychotic mind is responsible for a good bit of the fun. A large part of this story is the recounting of past events in his life. While these  may not actually  give him the right to act as he does, they certainly develop him into an interesting character.

Overall, I’d say this is an enjoyable story. While in a couple of places I was worried it my be ready to go ‘fantasy-religious’ on me, it never did. If we can just ignore the super-human science for a moment, the characters handled situations  the same as real people may do.


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