A Whisper in Space (Adventures of the Spitfire Crew) by David C. Drizzit

September 20, 2012 at 3:42 pm (Reviews) (, , , )

 A Whisper in Space (Adventures of the Spitfire Crew) by David C. Drizzit is the beginnings of  Big Damn Love Story (Adventures of the Spitfire Crew) by  the same author. It puts into place the  reasons why the story’s characters are acting as they do, and even lets slip a major secret that is sure to effect future events. Unfortunately; while it is an enjoyable beginning that lays the groundwork for some interesting escapades, standing alone, it’s not much more than that.

The story starts with Drizzit giving us glimpses of an amusing crew upon a spaceship that wanders the stars,as they work by hiring their services out for all manner of business; be such business for transportation, or even bounty hunting. Such bounty hunting even brings about the main parts of this story:

1 The Spitfire has wandered slightly off course, and is in danger of getting lost in the open emptiness of space without effective navigators or mechanics.

2 People on the scarce-visited planet they are able to get to for help may have their own secret agendas.

3 Getting close to their target might just throw these wanderers up against parts of their past they were looking to get away from.

I wouldn’t advise reading A Whisper in Space alone. Many plot strings are started, but  nothing was resolved. I did like how it was written, and wouldn’t refuse the whole story, yet a tease like this makes me wary to put down money when I have no guarantee that anything will ever fully happen.


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  1. mugwort said,

    re: Whispers of Space A start of “Big Damn Love Story” David Drizzit
    Seems like the parts were greater than the whole. IOW there were some good segments but there was much to be desired in terms of plot threads.

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