Tales of Aradia, The Last Witch (volume 1) by L.A. Jones

August 27, 2012 at 6:38 pm (Reviews) (, , )

 Tales of Aradia, The Last Witch(Volume 1) by L.A. Jones is  a fun book  about  supernatural folk who live among us.  Not just werewolves and vampires here, but everything from leprechauns and fairies to witches. Actually, let’s make that just one witch. You see, back around the time of the Salem witch trials there was also a bit of anti-witch fever among the world of the hidden races and it was believed that every witch was killed from existence; in fact, for a fair amount of time in this story no one can even guess what Aradia is.

And Aradia herself? All she knows about herself and her own past is that she was found alone in the wilderness as a baby by the couple who eventually adopt her. Her human ‘parents’ of course notice and realize the amazing magical feats she is capable of. They help her to keep her powers hidden so that she can have a chance at a normal life. It is through this need to appear normal that they unintentionally throw their daughter into a veritable hurricane of supernatural forces.

To  escape the questions that are asked when a silly schoolkid argument unintentionally brings forth a display of her powers, the family decides to move away from their home in Arizona to go to Salem, Massachusetts. This is a city that finds itself  to serve as something of a mixing pool of the supernatural. A happily paranormal version of New York.

I found myself enjoying this new take on a very common theme. I like it how the vampires are outraged when a serial killer starts draining his victim’s bodies of blood and so becomes known as ‘The Vampire Killer’. That would be a name that doesn’t help race relations when it starts to become clear that the victims are all werewolves.

As Aradia learns about the hidden world we are given a few brief scenes of powerful hidden people watching her. Enticingly, it leaves unanswered questions for future volumes wile letting the story itself come to a satisfying end. There are already 5 volumes of this series written.


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