Leonard’s Last Day by D.A. Conn

August 6, 2012 at 11:40 am (unsolicited reviews) (, , )

 Leonard’s Last Day by D.A. Conn is the quick account of a dramatic event based upon an actual happening. Because of this,all the characters have easily adapted the mannerisms  of people you could meet in real life. The story is interesting in that it explores how several people caught in the same event may perceive it differently, based on what they had expected to happen beforehand.

The story is about Leonard, a man who is living with his wife, Sandra, anticipating starting a family in the suburbs; when out of nowhere an unexpected attack  leaves him hospitalized. He does make enough of a recovery to return to his normal life,yet suddenly, it seems that safety has been striped from what he sees and he finds that he now needs to arm himself ‘just in case‘. People may try to explain to him how he should look more carefully into what he thinks is wrong, how the crash might have left him slightly brain damaged, but he’s not about to buy that!

I am nearly certain this is the first work of fiction by Ms. Conn. I would truly be interested in reading something longer; that’s, I guess my only complaint, the story ends before I’m able to latch onto characters I like.



  1. D. A. Conn said,

    Thanks for the review! And thanks for the helpful suggestions!

  2. mariathermann said,

    That’s often the most difficult thing for first time writers, the character development. When it starts getting too difficult, many writers simply bring their story to a swift end, instead of putting their work away for a while and then going back to it, when they’ve gained a little more experience and confidence.

    I love stories that play around with different people’s perspectives, so hopefully the writer you reviewed will take your comments to heart – perhaps edit and revise the story to make it more fulfilling to read towards the end.

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