Dragon, Come Here! (chapters 1-9) by Elysabeth Faslund

July 27, 2012 at 11:16 am (Reviews) (, , )

Dragon,Come Here at Shelfari Dragon, Come Here! (The Princess, The Owl, and The Sorcerer’s Son) by Elysabeth Faslund is an entertaining fantasy that explores the adventures of a seemingly random hodgepodge of character who find themselves stuck together as their homeland comes under the attack of evil dragons. The only downside I found with it is that the story unexpectedly cut off where chapter 10 is supposed to start. I’ll admit, this may simply be my copy as I can’t find the book linked to either my Kindle or Smashwords account, but if anyone knows where the rest of it is, I’d be interested in reading through to the end.

The story starts with a Sorcerer and a not quite explained talking owl who lives with him taking in a gravely injured princess that they come upon, without quite understanding what happened to her. The girl quickly proves herself to be a self-important spoiled brat. To protect her, she was traveling with her pet wolf ‘Kate’ that the sorcerer recognizes as the puppy of his late wife’s pet wolf that died with her, and we catch first glance of the deeper underlying story. A story easily forgotten as the girl and wolf are made to stay with the sorcerer’s young son who is intent on pestering roosters.

Before my copy cuts off, we begin to here the rumors of an invasion by the kingdom from the south that heads its attack with wingless dragons. After spending a short amount of time with the princess and her constant ‘I’m better than ANYONE’ insults, the sorcerer sends note to the king to practically beg that he send escort to take her back. The king however, finds it grand that his daughter is safe in hiding with a highly trusted warrior mage, and tells him to simply keep her for the time being. So, as the sorcerer and owl go off to retain the help of elves for the impending battle it doesn’t look like they can avoid, the princess (who is sick of the sorcerer herself) decides to try and make her own way home. The sorcerer’s young son and the wolf see it as nearly their duty to risk whatever problems may be out there just to make sure she’s Ok.


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