The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan

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 The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan is an interesting book about a couple who get dragged into the sometimes frightening world of exploring their past lives. Although the two of them may be only searching for some happy ‘love in all times’ story, they soon find they have to learn more about an incident where the man was a pilot in World War II as a pilot of a plane that was knocked out of the sky leaving him as the only survivor. This encourages the woman to pursue the facts of the accident through new contacts around the world, and insist that the man undergo several sessions of hypnosis so they might be able to learn exactly what happened.

An English woman(Maggie) meets her Canadian boyfriend(Bill) in the self-help section of a bookstore. He is there because  in college, he went to a fun session of group hypnosis to supposedly contact past lives and has been plagued with dreams of a horrible accident and near drowning ever sense. Maggie is a psychologist, and she feels the need to try and help him. Eventually, she is able to convince him to go with her to a private hypnotist in an effort to get away from what seems to be a terrifying death in another life.

Although Maggie is a scientist, she is also a willing believer of what others dismiss as mystical nonsense. Such a believer, in fact, that she begins looking into the actual event that Bill seems to be repeatedly reliving. She comes across record of a Lockheed Electra aircraft called the G-AESY that crashed near a bridge over the Storstrom waters on its way to Stockholm on August 15, 1939 killing five passengers;yet the pilot survived. While looking into this, she becomes friends with and begins to rely on a woman in Florida who has spent years looking into the same accident because her grandfather was on it.

Much of this book is comprised of factual reports from the incident. Even if you find the whole idea of past lives to be somewhat hokey, at times it seems to be a good excuse to present what in other cases may be seen as dry facts. I found that the history presented in this way was surprisingly enjoyable. I discovered that when I set down this book, I would find myself later wanting to read more and see how events happened.  I’m still not quite sure about past lives, but I was willing to accept them for this story.



  1. ameliacurzon said,

    Great review! I am currently reading this book by Catalina, and find it absolutely fascinating!

  2. Maria Catalina Vergara Egan said,

    How did Amelia find this before I did????? I absolutely Love it THANKS!!!!

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