Babe’s Amaze’n Grace by Paula Unroe

June 6, 2012 at 8:08 pm (Reviews) (, )

 Babe’s Amaze’n Grace by Paula Unroe is a surprisingly refreshing story that I found myself unexpectedly enjoying much more than the title and cover left me ready for. It stars Robin Babe (pronounced ‘baah-bey’ not like the word in ‘hey, babe!’),who is the manager of a legal office in Houston, Texas. The tale is how she handles a new office client, Miss Amaze’n Grace Jones who wants to hire to hire the law firm of attorney O’Tool to get herself arrested for the murder of one Maurice Milton.

Say what? A little bit of explanation here: the police are having a couple of problems with this so called ‘murder’ that Miss Jones claims to have comitted. For one thing, no one- not even Miss Amaze’n -can find or even hint at where the body might be. For another, she is widely known as a kind churchgoing lady who has helped one and all. If she has rid the streets of the notorious M&M, the cops who work her neighborhood are more ready to award her with a metal than to throw her in jail.

You see, Miss Amaze’n Grace is like a ray of sunshine in the third ward where she lives. This is a wonderful lady who always has freshly baked cookies ready for guests or anyone she visits. The shady lawyer Robin Babe works for, James O’Tool, wouldn’t even bother to take the case if it wasn’t for What Miss Jones was offering as payment. It seems that when she shot him Maurice had in his possession a duffel bag with $300,000. She has offered this as payment if O’Tool can get her arrested.

Robin, being a good Christian woman herself, has a few problems with the entire situation. To further complicate things, she finds herself fast becoming good friends with Miss Amaze’n. Through her eyes we see how the situation plays out. Yes, there are entire pages devoted to her prayers, but don’t worry; they’re more the understandable type of laments heard in stand-up than some sort of irritating, berating ‘Thou shall not’s.’ That’s not to say it’s anti-religious in any way. I’m just saying the people were all undeniably real, making the book quite enjoyable.


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