Life in Death by Harlow Coban

April 29, 2012 at 6:49 pm (Reviews) (, , )

Life in Death by Harlow Coban is a story that follows the investigation of two homicide detectives (Rudy Cobb & Rance Nicolet) as they are looking into a series of murders that seem possibly related. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they keep running  into social worker Kari Marchant. With the high number of encounters, Nicolet can’t help but start to like her; Cobb however, begins to notice Kari as the only common human element in all the crimes.

There is no lack of unlikable evil characters involved in the individual crimes. Take, for example, the greedy foster parents that overload their house with children for the allowance they will receive from the state. People that never check back in when weeks have passed since they report that one child has run away, yet never get any response from the police. Or the unlikable politician who wants to silence an ex-lover that stumbled upon his kiddy-porn.

The actors of this story were all described quite fully, as long as they had some un-enduring facet of their personality.  Kari and Cobb both were quirky, yet in almost a common/overused-by-writers way. They were somewhat irritatingly predictable. I suppose no character really clicked with me. Even those with possibly interesting pasts were left with a back-story that was hardly touched upon.

It may surprise you how the case finally works out. I myself, never predicted the ending as quite how it turned out to be. Coban did manage to keep me guessing up until past the final shootout.


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  1. mariathermann said,

    Sounds like the writer was quite into using cliches rather than being original. Good review – wouldn’t want to read the book, though:)

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