Ties to the Blood Moon by Robin Waldrop

April 26, 2012 at 5:42 pm (Reviews) (, , , , )

Ties to the Blood Moon by Robin Waldrop is the story of the young woman, Genevieve(Gen) after she has come to Alaska to live with her aunt Bev. Gen never knew her father, and when she first came to her aunt’s house it was simply for a visit. That changed of course, by the mishap of her mother sleeping back at home when the house burnt down in the middle of the night, leaving Gen with no parent.

Living among her classmates, she can’t help but hear local legends and be invited to ritualistic story-tellings. Tales that  seem to speak of werewolves and even vampires can’t really be anything more than superstition, right? Except, Gen soon learns that her new best friend’s beliefs may stem from a reason close to heart. And it’s somewhat hard to ignore that in answer to a shaman’s request that the campfire darken in the wolf-princess’s presence, causes the flames to unexpectedly go black.

It just kind of irritated me when the outsider-girl almost seemed to be proclaimed princess of an Inuit tribe. So, perhaps she’s truly related through her seldom-mentioned father’s blood, that could explain some other factors in the story that I hope will come to light within the sequel. Whatever the case, blood is important here; because remember, as legend says, vampires live among us.

As the supposedly mythical becomes less ignore-able as if it were nothing more than fiction, we hear of the horrible monster, Zane. It seems now, in this story, a werewolf can be turned by a vampire. The result? A  hybrid– a horrible creature that is to a vampire or werewolf what a vamp’ or ‘wolf is to a man. And, as the story plays out, Gen is left questioning whether Zane had something to do with the fire that took her mom.

I will say this book is not just a rip-off of Twilight; not any more than all stories about politics set in DC are all rip-offs of each other. It may share several of the same elements, but it has its own story and its own unique characters. Not to say that all Twilight-lovers will hate this or all Twilight-haters will love it; I just say it’s applaud-ably different.


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