RED by Steven Lytton

April 23, 2012 at 3:58 pm (Reviews) (, )

RED by Steven Lytton is a story that focuses on the cop, Dexter Sutton and his efforts to stop a violent criminal who is rapidly becoming a much feared serial killer that has made himself known to the public only as Red. Sutton is trapped between needing to give the public knowledge that might help to keep them safe and withholding grim crime details possibly leading to general outcry and widespread panic. What course of action is necessary to prevent yet another young woman’s kidnapping and eventual slaughter?

Raymond Redford, if seen working or spending time with his family, is clearly nothing more than an ordinary guy! If he were something normal; say, walking a dog down the street, you wouldn’t think a thing of it. He has a nice wife, two loving daughters; he might travel a bit with his job as a sales rep, but nothing to really make him stand out. Perhaps his entire past wasn’t perfect; but then again, who’s is? The present and all that he loves is wonderful! Neither Sutton nor anyone else can take that away.

Now Red is a smart enough man. He is quite aware of the investigation being led by investigator Sutton and psychologist Creswell. And although the two of them are working to keep the general citizenry calm, they are left with the uncomfortable knowledge that the quickest way to get a bee out of its hive is to somehow disturb the safety it is hiding in. Can they provoke Red into showing himself without getting stung in the process?


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  1. mariathermann said,

    I wished once in a while writers would let their derranged killers loose on men instead of perpetuating the cliche of “woman as the eternal victim”. Good review though, made me want to read the book.

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