The Adventures of Mrs. Browning by Marcia Carrington

April 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm (Reviews) (, )

 The Adventures of Mrs. Browning by Marcia Carrington is a short story about an old woman who seems to have a rather unremarkable life. Ever sense her husband has died, Mrs. Browning lives alone in her simple house that sits in a quiet neighborhood of New York. With the seemingly boring routines she enacts, the old widow is easily ignored.

If one is to watch more closely, however, the quiet old biddy front becomes nothing but an act! Although she may seem prim and proper come Monday morning; every Friday night, Mrs. browning transforms into a party animal! With her seemingly extravagant luck, money is no object as Mrs. Browning has herself taken by limousine to casinos for a bit of fun.

Old and boring is the last way she would be described by her mysterious suitor, Conrad. Mrs. Browning may be nearly twice his age, but when Friday comes, there is no way he’d enjoy it more than to spend the time with her. Living this double life must be quite an effort, but she’d have it no other way.


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