Tundra 37 by Aubrie Dionne

March 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm (Reviews) (, )

 Tundra 37 by Aubrie Dionne is a futuristic story that involves a spaceship taking colonists to a new planet when the Earth is no longer habitable. It is the second book in the ‘A New Dawn’ series. As the story starts, this ship- the Expedition, runs into a comet shower and is so damaged that the idea of traveling all the way to Paradise 18 (the original destination for the mission) is no longer even possible. Seeing no other way of keeping the colonists alive, the two pilots (known as the Seers) who have been physically connected to the controls of the ship for an inhumanly long time, crash land the vessel on the frozen planet known as Tundra 37.

The story is split into three interconnected parts. There is the tale of the two Seers who have given up their entire lives, and sacrificed their humanity, just to try and keep everyone alive; even though the memories of their haunted past are only a reminder of how their years of un-thanked service never leave their weary bodies with even the slightest hope of a much-deserved rest. We watch the professional matchmaker lose the machinery that went with her job with the crash and struggle with the idea of relying on love when her worst enemy has feelings for the same lieutenant she fancies, as all of them have to work together to seek out materials for repair of the ship. Finally, we encounter the young crippled girl, Vera, who struggles to live a normal life while attempting to hide powerful psychic abilities out of fears at how others would look at her if they knew what she could do.

Just at the edge of everything, we often catch glimpses of the strange alien orb. It seems to have the power to influence the courses of action taken by the Seers. It may seem trivial that it can change the way that the colonists are dreaming, but before long Vera can sense it as what would only seem to be an evil presence. Was it only by chance that the ship was near enough Tundra 37 when it ran into trouble? With what on the planet does the orb maintain a barely detectable contact?



  1. Aubrie said,

    Thanks for reviewing Tundra 37!

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