A Satan Carol by Alan S. Kessler

February 27, 2012 at 11:12 pm (Reviews) (, )

 A Satan Carol by Alan S. Kessler is a many faceted story that is told as we are shown several different angles of what can ultimately be seen as one plot. The story starts in historic Ireland, where we watch Meg, a poor famine stricken mother doing everything she can to try providing for Liam, her sickly child. Her landlord, a Mr. Green, is little help. As the situation continues to grow worse for her, the story leaves her and moves on until her tale, and  that of her child are almost forgotten. Piece by piece different scenes are thrown before us until we can see the the branches of a family. Over the years we also see Mr. Green reappear in many forms, as he attempts to use the other characters to fulfill his own agenda.

Watching Mr. Green, one can quickly see that he is evil. Using others to act out his crazy plots seems to be nothing more than a game for him. If someone must get hurt or die for his wants to be accomplished, that thought does nothing to deter him from plowing full-ahead to reach his goals. It is simple; if he can convince someone to do what he wants through their own free will, that’s allowed. He himself is breaking no rules by doing anything wrong.

Now, Mr. Green does have a purpose behind his wicked scheming. Because he exists as the antithesis of anything even remotely holy, he is unable to father a child possessing its own soul. And it’s not just any soul he would have ffor his descendant, no he thinks his son deserves the special golden soul that can exist for only one person -ANYWHERE- at one point in time. So when Katie, a high school-er from a broken home with unusual religious beliefs finds herself unintentionally pregnant with a child who is attracting this special golden soul, what will happen? Mix in a few of her relatives having ‘visions’ about the baby and their fight for protection of the child and possession of the soul might get nasty.



  1. Alan Steven Kessler said,

    Thank you, Sarah, for taking the time to read and comment on my novel!
    With sincere appreciation,


    • 22niel said,

      Thank you for creating an enjoyable read!

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