The Methuselah Strain by Stewart Aken

February 20, 2012 at 8:21 pm (Reviews) (, , )

The Methuselah Strain by Stewart Aken is a story with a frightening view of the future world. After a devastating asteroid shower the population has grown so small that a normal person can go for years without coming into view of another human face. This is not as lonely as it may sound, because technology has so advanced that through computer programs and with the aid of robots, virtually any act is possible.

The technology is quite complex, and well thought, so that even alone the population that still survives can live virtually however they want. Machine controlled weather patterns eliminate the threat of storm or wind. Robots existing as virtual sex toys have even discouraged the few survivors from seeking each other out for their more carnal desires.

In fact, people no longer bother to even reproduce, because anyone still alive has been genetically altered so that any ageing has been virtually stopped. This is why when a technical wizard decides that she would enjoy a more natural life, she instigates unspeakable actions through through that same technology she once served. How better to get others to agree with her beliefs?



  1. Stuart Aken (@stuartaken) said,

    Thanks for this, Sarah. Much appreciated.

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