Patriot Acts by Steven Clark Bradley

February 9, 2012 at 11:52 pm (Reviews) (, )

 Patriot Acts by Steven Clark Bradley is the story of a world that could easily be seen as the world of today. After a brief reminder of all the different wars and actions of terror that  have played out upon our world recently, we are introduced to Fisher Harrison, an American soldier, who is sneaking through Iraq in 1991. Through his covert actions, American military goals are worked towards, even if they come at a high personal cost for Harrison. Like he was trained: Country Comes First. Although, when his presence becomes responsible for an artillery barrage upon the same people he is hiding amongst, that same noble nation decides that it’s easier to declare him dead and leave him to fend for himself standing upon the enemy sands than to rescue him and risk being held to blame for the deaths that were caused.

Fisher does eventually get home, where he begins a political career. He is not all that successful himself, and ’94 he ends up loosing a mayorial race to his competitor Christopher Tate. Not giving up, he stays close to the political world. Unfortunately, this leaves him open to being framed in 1999 for actions so unforgivable, he finds himself taken to a mountaintop prison (under the orders of now president Tate) where only the worst dregs of society are abandoned.

Eventually, radical ultra-conservative separatists see the good of rescuing Harrison to use his military skills against the US Government. Their plan also involves nuclear weaponry supplied by Iran (of course, this only works for either side because of a common goal of destroying parts of the American political scene they don’t agree with). Can president Tate or patriot Harrison sort through all the problems and lies of this mucked-up situation and keep America safe once multiple atomic warheads are spread to undisclosed locations across the country?



  1. stevenclarkbradley said,

    Thank you, Sarah, this is wonderful and you captured the essence of my novel! This is really great! Thank you so much!
    Steven Clark Bradley

    • 22niel said,

      Thank you for the fun read!
      Sarah Baethge

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