Starstone by Denise M. Main

February 1, 2012 at 8:49 pm (Reviews) (, , , )

Starstone by Denise M. Main is the first book in ‘The Structure Chronicles.’ It initially tells the story of what happened between the peoples of the early universe; how a great conflict had been finally settled by banishing  the wrongdoers to an uninhabited world, and then slipping that world to another dimension away from all reality. This other dimension could only be accessed again with the Starstone, an object that was split into seven shards and scattered in separate places around the Structure/universe for everyone’s safety.

We start by following the story of a bored young seer. She is part Akashii, a race hated by many, that was nearly wiped out in conflicts past. She, while wandering around where she isn’t supposed to be, comes across one of these starstone shards. By interacting with it, she awakens powers that were intended to have been reserved for the High Lord that has been trusted to guard it, and it quickly draws his attention. Now, mostly following his story; we watch as he learns to use these powers, becoming lord over the land itself.

This is all well and good; except that after hundreds of years since its creation, the danger the starstone could bring has almost been forgotten, and the potential magical powers that the shards could hold encourages their gathering. Through it all, hanging as a dark threat just over the horizon, the banished world Danaach and its inhabitants await the congregation  of starstone components that hold the key to their release.


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