Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

January 22, 2012 at 6:56 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, )

Ever believe the law to  be just a little too lenient on criminals after they are caught? Why are people even able to go free when they just break laws time and time again? In Gray Justice by Alan McDermott, a man who has had his child die through a collision caused by the reckless motorist who had already been imprisoned multiple times, asks exactly this. After his wife sinks into depression and kills herself, this man(Tom Greay) feels it is his duty to capture the public’s attention and force the reform of what he sees as failed laws.

As Tom and the members of his former military group kidnap several repeat criminals to make a show of brutally punishing them over the internet, criminals from the Middle-East see this as their chance to take advantage of the distraction he is causing and to score a big hit on the ‘Infidels of England.’ They assume that the police will be too busy trying to end the commotion Gray is causing to stand effectively against their glorious jihad.

The real reason the police are giving Gray’s stunt so much attention is that Tom and his friends are a military teem highly experienced in real combat. When a veteran soldier with explosives know-how claims to have a bomb positioned for the killing of thousands of innocents, authorities are naturally hesitant to anger or kill the only person who knows exactly where it is and might be able to stop the destruction it could cause. Yet, an unrelated terrorist cell that hears of the threat, quickly find the situation to be a gift direct from Allah.


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