A Cold Day in Hell by Denise M. Main

January 15, 2012 at 6:53 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, , )

A Cold Day in Hell by Denise M. Main is an entertaining story with a cast of angels, demons, and the like. If you are simply looking for some light reading, don’t worry; the title is one of the only few religious references that appear. Instead of right and wrong, we are drawn into the grand multi-verse of the of the universe’s structure, to follow the demon Azarial as she tries to live her normal life, despite the trouble friends bring to her door.

Now I must point out, that just because ‘Rial is a demon, that fact does not make her evil. Such a notion appears to be nothing more than a foolish human lie. And despite Azarial’s general disgust with feathers, angels don’t tend to be in the wrong, or too much against demons either. In fact, the characters most against good here seem to be a human sorcerer  and a witch.

If you can enjoy a story without taking certain names or titles too literally, you might find this one to be an enjoyable read. I like such a simple kind of explanation for magical powers. It also lends quite well to quick stereotype supporting characters like a big red devil-demon, or a little crafty  sculptor imp. All in all, it leaves you with a fun view of the world.



  1. Denise M Main said,

    Hi Sarah,

    thanks for the review, and I’m glad you enjoyed ‘Rial’s adventures! There’s so much gloom around today, so what more can a writer ask for than ‘it leaves you with a fun view of the world’!
    I’m working on a sequel to Cold Day in Hell, and have an urban fantasy out called ‘Wolf’ and also ‘Starstone, First in the Structure Chronicles’ has just been released. It’s set a few years before Cold Day in Hell and is about friends of the Nightlords.
    So, after a little free advertising there – I shall thank you once again for your great review, and may I ask how did you connect me (quite rightly) with MythCast? Obviously a detective in disguise…

    • 22niel said,

      Hi Denise,
      Thanks for writing! If I am stuck looking for something to review when I finish with the list of free ebooks I’ve collected, I’d be happy to look at your other writings. If you are asking for a review, please leave information on were exactly I can get the book you want reviewed so I can add it to my upcoming review list. I don’t require a free copy, but as my income is dependent on blogging and the silly science fiction I create; my schedule of reviews somewhat revolves around how soon I am able to acquire the reading material.
      I came across A Cold Day in Hell because someone on Twitter announced it was temporarily free to all on Amazon Prime.
      Never heard of Myth Cast until I got around to trying to track you down.
      I guess that makes me a Google detective! 🙂
      Sarah Baethge

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