Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl

December 23, 2011 at 5:18 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, , )

Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl is the first book of the Time Spirit Trilogy. We learn in the book that the knowledge of time traveling abilities is not a topic allowed to be shared among normal humans. Apparently, the ability to travel through time is genetic. Because it is a rare thing, some of the individuals that can do so feel they must use it in order to fix what they deem as ‘mistakes’ in the past. Unfortunately, because it is so rare, there are few adults who are able to work with time as colleagues. School aged children are often forced into dangerous situations of the past to help their parents accomplish what they feel they must. Because they all fear being captured and used by those who can’t time travel, they have adopted rules to keep such abilities a secret.

When Gemma, a girl who can jump through time, accidentally makes contact with Harrison, the normal human boy she loves, at the wrong time; she finds she has unintentionally thrown him a few centuries into the past. Now the problem becomes getting him back to the present, even though that requires help from the rest of her family who don’t want anything to do with him, and are stuck wondering if it would not be easier to simply leave this new problem where he is.


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