Jonathan’s Cross by M. L. Gardner

December 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm (Reviews) (, )

Jonathan’s Cross by M. L. Gardner is a touching tale the struggle of three couples through the great depression. As these corporate businessmen watch their world collapse around them starting with the stock market crash of  ’29, one cannot help but notice how eerily familiar their problems seem. Fortunately, the story also stands out as a great reminder of the love and courage people share when the world around has almost shattered.

When the story starts, the main character, Jonathan and his two partners/friends Aryl and Caleb are helpless to watch the luxury they have surrounded themselves with be torn away so they have no choice but to scramble for cheap tenement housing; even though its owner is a man named Victor, who sadistically enjoys causing trouble in Jonathan’s life. As our hero’s wife Ava has her own complaints with Victor, She is ready to leave her husband for not considering  how revolting the apartment owner is to her.

The title comes from a simple keepsake Jonathan is given when he feels he has lost everything. The friend that gives it to him says it is a reminder that he must always keep trying. No matter how bad things may get, there always is a way to make the best of the situation. And so; with new friends, new children and new housing, life must continue on. Even though this epic story might at times show the worst of what can happen, it contains the repeated reminder  that even the darkest night’s not hopeless if you allow yourself to look at it in the right way.


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