A Pleasure to Burn by David Bain

November 13, 2011 at 7:46 pm (unsolicited reviews) (, )

A Pleasure to Burn is a short ‘Green River’ story by David Bain that explores the lengths people will go to in an attempt to erase a past they’d rather forget. It’s also a chilling reminder of how we can sometimes lose all sense of caution when trying to uncover the secrets of another.

Rafe Johnson is a Golden Globe winning actor with an unpleasant childhood that haunts him. Finally the memories of his abusive father make him fell he must destroy his former house, and all it stands for in his mind. In his plans for arson, he never considers that he may be followed by Sandra Petosky, a fame hunting tabloid reporter. Wanting to capture his secretive actions on film, she won’t even stop to take note that HER life is now on the line.

Interesting characters here that are written in such a way you could be left wanting to read more about them. Both people written about have a clear motivation. Knowing all that was told of Johnson, I am left unsure even whether to trust his perception of the ending is real.


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