Monopoly by Paul Roemer

October 28, 2011 at 3:28 pm (Reviews) (, , )

Monopoly by Paul Roemer is a thrilling unfinished crime novel. I only was able to get the first 28 chapters (which I am told is about 70% of the full story), yet I can hardly wait for the writing of it’s conclusion so I can find out what happens.

This is a character-driven tale populated with realistic people. You can easily understand the motivation behind their actions almost as well as if they inhabited the world around you.

There is the Navy SEAL who now works with the FBI, trying to keep his friends and young son safe. There is the single-mother psychologist who has worked to provide a good life for her daughter. There is the overworked senator who pays so little attention to his family, he never takes notice that his child has been kidnapped until the police come to question him about it. And there is the twisted, schizophrenic victim of bad foster care that thinks it would be fun to kidnap and slowly poison young women for their crime of living a good life.

As this story stands now, it’s enjoyable yet leaves you hanging. I am looking forward to it’s completion.



  1. Paul Roemer said,

    that is kind of you to have read and to offer comment; you made my day.

  2. 22niel said,

    Happy to do it! You gave me a good time reading 🙂

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