Smoke Without Fire by Steven Lytton

October 7, 2011 at 12:14 am (unsolicited reviews) (, , , )

Smoke Without Fire by Steven Lytton is an enjoyable book for those of you that enjoy a book created quickly to tell a fast exciting story. This is not the book for you if you get hung up by minor grammar mistakes, or dislike the solid blocks of text posed by never-ending multi-pape paragraphs. If you dislike violence, or are offended by repetitious cursing; this is not the book for you.

If; however, you are willing to look past all that, you may find yourself unwilling to give it up before you discover what happens next.

When the story starts we meet Peter Stanton, who is lying on a hospital bed trying to piece together all what happened to cause him to be lying beneath the tools of his worried sounding doctors. We learn that he is owner of a nightclub, who found his life quite normal until a short time ago.

How did it become abnormal? Well it seems that a good friend of his was unexpectedly killed. Now with all the crime and drug-issues that can surround a nightclub scene of life, the killing in itself isn’t that surprising. What Peter doesn’t expect is the fact that his investigation into his friend’s death begins to unearth signs that seem to prove his dead pal Charlie Franks was living a double life and secretly procuring underage prostitutes.

If this wasn’t startling enough, now it seems that the attempted investigation is sparking a new string of murders. As these seem connected to Peter, he soon finds the police and the press looking his way. Not intending to, he also finds himself trying to save a young woman trapped working in what he is investigating.

All of the problems Peter finds himself ensnared in are easily visible, yet trying to link them solidly to what he was originally looking for only leaves him grasping at the vanishing mirage. Is anything what it seems, or is it all ‘Smoke Without Fire’?


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